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Shortly after Christmas last year I decided that i wanted to adopt a rescue dog, in particular a westie.  After doing some research I discovered Basil, I fell in love with him as soon as i saw his photo! Basil was being fostered by Carmen and I was put in touch with her and that […]

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Helping dogs who have been or are currently in rescue has always been a passion of mine.   Some of the most misunderstood ‘messed up’ dogs I have ever met have been dogs who have a ‘rescue’ background or are in rescue centres,  as a Dog Listener I know that these dogs are not beyond help!  […]


When, 8 years ago, I bought a cute 14 week old puppy, little did I know the chaos he would bring into my life. From the day we collected Harvey from his previous owners he asserted his leadership and displayed dominance in every area. Despite two years attendance at obedience training classes, assistance from a […]


Ziggy learns to relax and play


Good evening Carmen, I’m so sorry firstly about how long this email has taken to write.  My computer is finally secure and the rest is completely my fault for putting things off to a better time which never seems to happen, so here I am in the middle of the night probably the only time […]

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