Looking back on August, 2008


Hi Carmen Just a short email to say a big thanks for last Thursday.  We have all been following the new training method in all aspects and already our little boy is making some headway.  He is always letting us go outside first he sits and waits for eye contact to follow, he barks to […]

Spreading the word…

Over the last few weeks Jan Fennell has been taking part in a series of events to promote Dog Listening and Amichien Bonding..   There are many more to come this year and you can find the dates listed on Jan’s website www.janfennellthedoglistener.com  under ‘talks’ and ‘latest news’ As Dog Listeners we are helping dogs not […]


and ‘raring to go’  what a wonderful break Skye was,  breathtaking scenery and wonderful company.  To watch my dogs scampering about the hills and paddling in the sea (watched by very suspicious sheep!)  was a joy to behold. The sheep needn’t have worried my pooches have much more interesting things to occupy them when out,  […]

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