Good evening Carmen,

I’m so sorry firstly about how long this email has taken to write.  My computer is finally secure and the rest is completely my fault for putting things off to a better time which never seems to happen, so here I am in the middle of the night probably the only time I get a moment and because I feel terrible that this has taken so long and yet any time there’s been a problem you’ve been there.

Anyhow what I really want to do is say a huge thank you, not only have you helped shape a new an better life for Duke you’ve also inspired myself to take on a rescue dog Marley, and begin saving to book a future course date on one of Jan’s courses.  Maybe someday i’d love to help owners and dogs in a similar way.

Although Duke doesn’t live with me now I feel without your help and my love for him, he wouldn’t be in a stable and happy environment and living with his owner.  Duke, when I first met him was an un controllable dog, the only person who could manage to walk him was his owner and even then Duke still walked HIM.  With your initially consultation and the many phone calls and a lot of patience Duke has become a valuable family member and not just one pushed to the side because nobody took the time to train him. Duke was difficult to walk and also had aggression towards other dogs, loved but neglected.

Not only is Duke a pleasure to walk now he is also living with another dog, passing other dogs in close proximity has become less stressful and the walks so much more enjoyable.  Carmen Cole, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

Allison, Duke & Marley.