When, 8 years ago, I bought a cute 14 week old puppy, little did I know the chaos he would bring into my life. From the day we collected Harvey from his previous owners he asserted his leadership and displayed dominance in every area. Despite two years attendance at obedience training classes, assistance from a behaviourist and a four-day residential training course, Harvey still dragged us on our daily walks barking furiously at other dogs and nervously backing off whenever he saw anything unfamiliar (from charity sacks to road-work signs). People stopped coming round to our house due to his persistent barking and no-one (except Harvey) could come anywhere near me for cuddles and hugs!

Harvey pottering around the garden

Harvey pottering around the garden

Finally, after the harsh training methods we had been taught resulted in Harvey suffering from a slipped disc, I searched the internet for a more holistic way of working with him. I found Havoc to Harmony and phoning Carmen to book a consultation was the best thing I’ve ever done for my dog and my family.

Carmen spent an afternoon at our house explaining in detail the concept behind Amichien Bonding and showing us how to interact with Harvey. We soon understood that all of his problems stemmed from Harvey’s belief that he was boss – a role that was causing him serious distress and with which he was unable to cope. We still have a way to go with Harvey but we are already witnessing significant improvement in his behaviour: the barking now stops with a simple ‘thank you’, heelwork is progressing and we can sit and relax in the evening without a neurotic dog pacing around the room. It is enlightening to have found a way of living in harmony with Harvey without having to resort to shouting or using gadgets. Amichien Bonding is a natural way of living with dogs and soon becomes a habit.

Our consultation didn’t stop when Carmen left our house – Carmen is always there to help and I am in constant contact by phone and email. The advice and encouragement she provides has proved invaluable. If, like we did, you have doubts that you will ever be able to live in peace with your dog, look no further. Amichien Bonding really does work and with Carmen’s help and advice, anyone can give their dog the relaxed life it deserves.

Thank you Carmen!

Jeanne, Mark, Caroline, Michelle and, of course, Harvey!