Traditional dog training usually forces your dog’s behaviour to change, but without your dog ever understanding why.

Dog training?

Canine communication is unlike traditional dog training; it is a ‘positive reward-based training’ technique, which involves;

  • NO harsh gadgets or methods
  • NO shouting
  • NO stress on your dog

It is the art of body language, with clear and concise signals that your dog can understand.

How it started

As descendants of the wolf family, dogs still carry many traits that are existent in wolves today. By studying the wild animals, we learned to understand and develop a logical system of actions, behaviours and hierarchies that they exhibited, and transfer them to her domestic dogs at home.

Understanding dog behaviour

Wolf Cub and MotherIn the wild, wolves spend their lives in groups known as ‘packs’. The pack is the essence of survival, it is the familial unit that enables them to hunt, breed and most importantly, stay alive. Every pack has a leader (or alpha) that guides and regulates the others.

Dogs are born with this same instinct of survival. They must either guide or be guided. Unless a leader is clearly present, they will take on the role themselves, and is most often the problematic case of what we perceive as bad behaviour.

Why it works

Canine communication is founded on the underlying structure of your dog’s natural instinct, the need for a leader.

With traditional dog training, dogs are enforced to live in a human existence, sometimes with the use of harsh gadgets and methods. Canine communication is different. It recreates your dog’s environment, using clear and direct signals to establish your leadership.

For the future

Two Dogs Playing in BluebellsIt is not simply dog training, but a skill you can develop to communicate with your dog. Where traditional dog training has failed, canine communication is the step forward, for both you and your dog.

It is not a quick fix, but a way of life. But the rewards will give both you and your dog a happier, calmer and healthier relationship.

If you are interested in helping change your dog’s behaviour, if your dog is nervous, anxious or aggressive, then please do not hesitate to contact me