and ‘raring to go’  what a wonderful break Skye was,  breathtaking scenery and wonderful company.  To watch my dogs scampering about the hills and paddling in the sea (watched by very suspicious sheep!)  was a joy to behold.

The sheep needn’t have worried my pooches have much more interesting things to occupy them when out,  namely me, my family and a couple of well flung tennis balls (not by me because I’m a girl and being such throw like one !)   🙂 

Our usually peaceful home has once again been temporarilly put out of joint with our new foster doggy,  Kelso  he’s a troubled little soul who we are working with so he can feel the trust and peace our other pooches have.  He’s been here just about 2 weeks now and is coming along beautifully!  still some issues to work through but we’ll get there and then find him his new ‘forever home’  and help whoever takes him on with ongoing support and advice.  He’s a young Shiatzu with a bright happy future ahead of him now and if you think you are suitable to be his new ‘forever home’ then please look on Many Tears Animal Rescue’s web site (link is on my links page) and look for a dog named ‘Caper’  (we renamed him Kelso)

Also if you are interested in fostering a dog then please do get in touch as there are so many rescue’s full to bursting and for every dog fostered,  another space can be provided to save another soul who needs it!  Either use my contact page or telephone  07930 935 960 to discuss how you can help 🙂