I was introduced to this method of Canine Communication by my lovely and talented wife Carmen.

After fostering dogs and doing some volunteer work for rescue centres, I came to share her dismay and frustration at the difficulty in re-homing some of the more intelligent and challenging dogs. We were both looking for a kind, holistic approach to living in harmony with our own dogs and to rehabilitating the rescue dogs we worked with.

When Carmen returned from her Courses in Canine Communication it was obvious she had found it. The change in Carmen was obvious and immediate. More striking still was the change in our dogs.

This was something I wanted to be a part of. I completed my Foundation and Advanced Courses and am now extremely proud and privileged to be working alongside Carmen in a cause we feel so passionately

The best way I can explain what working with people and their dogs this way means to me is by borrowing the words of Gary Ross, from the wonderful film ‘Seabiscuit’;

“You don’t throw away a whole life just ’cause it’s banged up a little”.