Hello! Our names are Carmen and David Cole and we are UK Canine Behaviour Consultants.

We are both accredited certificate holders in Foundation and Advanced Canine Communication, the method we teach specialises in addressing all kinds of dog behaviour problems.

Dog behaviour problems?

It is not always known, but your dog’s behaviour is strongly linked to the people they live and interact with. In fact, you have great influence over your dog’s behaviour! Canine Communication is the technique of communicating with your dog effectively, through clear and concise messages your dog can understand.

What can we do?

We offer consultations, in your own home, to deal with any dog behaviour problems, for all breeds and ages. With us, you can learn why your dogs behave as they do, and how you can correct your dog’s behaviour through your own behaviour and body language. We are based in Kent, but cover all surrounding areas.

If you are experiencing any dog behaviour problems and want to change things for the better, then we are here to help.