Hi Carmen


Just a short email to say a big thanks for last Thursday.  We have all been following the new training method in all aspects and already our little boy is making some headway.  He is always letting us go outside first he sits and waits for eye contact to follow, he barks to let us know someone is around and when we investigate and say well done he lays down and calms, he whimpered when Hannah sat with me the other day and we promptly put him in the naughty room, let him out after he calmed down and let him back into the room. Hannah sat with me again and he just looked at her and did nothing. Our neighbour has also noticed a big change too  when Oz did not jump up at his gate and barked at him, Oz just looked at him wagged his tail and carried on playing with his ball.


We cant believe the difference in him so soon,  I do wish we had tried this method sooner we can only see positive days to come,  Its a shame that every one who has a dog is not aware of this method of training, there would be alot more happy and calm dogs in this world.

Chris and Paula