Holly 3Holly is a beautiful 18month old British Mastiff.  She is big, bouncy and playful.  She was picked up by the dog wardens in Wales and was then put into a foster home with 3 Staffordshire Bull Terriers from which she was sadly returned.  There was an ‘incident’ with one of the Staffies,  circumstances unknown,  but for some reason she picked it up and threw it.   Because of this it was deemed that she did not get on with little dogs and was then given back to the kennels.  She was due to be PTS as the kennels cannot hold her indefinitely but after my assessment have given her a stay of execution to enable her to find a suitable home.

Holly 2During my assessment i walked her past lots of other kennels with dogs in,  small and medium and she was interested but not aggressively ‘going for them’,  she was responsive to food reward and in my opinion DEFINITELY trainable.  I will offer a consultation free of charge to her new owners and i feel that she would be best off as an only dog to start so that she can be worked with.   All the staff at the kennels adore her and we all feel she deserves a second chance.

Are you that person?

Holly 1

If you have no other dogs (or possibly another BIG dog) or cats and would be willing to work together with me,  you will end up with a loyal, happy, beautiful, cuddly companion who will love you unconditionally and bring joy to your life.

Please contact me on 07930 935 960 or email your enquiry using the contact form.

Thank you 🙂