We have fostered and adopted a lot of ‘old’ dogs in the past and one of our much loved oldies the dear and now sadly departed ‘Colonel Potter’ was a one in a million. When he first came to us he didnt have much use in his back legs and someone suggested Hydrotherapy. Well what can I say, we took him 3 times a week for 3 months, then twice a week for a further 3 months and then once a week till a couple of months before we ‘lost’ him. If it hadnt been for the Hydrotherapy he wouldnt have been able to walk and even run again or had the quality of life that he had with us. Hydrotherapy has so many benefits, whether your dog needs a bit more exercise because he is overweight and needs to lose a few pounds, is recovering from surgery, has problems with arthiritis or other joint complaints/ problems Hydrotherapy is the way forward!
With qualified therapists to help you and your dogs you will be amazed at the results, I know I was.

A good friend and colleague of mine has now qualified and has had a purpose built swimming pool installed at his premises. Graham Cooper and his wife Julie are now offering this amazing service for your much loved dogs.

Splash Paws is owned and run by Graham & Julie Cooper. The Centre is situated in Staplehurst, Kent between Maidstone and Cranbrook.

They offer 1-on-1 hydrotherapy sessions for your dog. No other clients or dogs will be in the Centre whilst they are treating your dog. This means you receive 100% attention and care for your dog.
Hydrotherapy can help with many medical conditions. It offers non-weight bearing exercise in heated water which can assist those recovering from injury or surgical procedures, suffering from orthopaedic problems and many others. It is also a great way of getting or keeping your dog in a great physical condition, so they offer fitness & fun swims too.

They have the latest equipment at their small centre which is situated in a purpose-built log cabin with heating or air conditioning for your complete comfort.
Their aim is to improve the health, mobility, physical and mental well-being of all the dogs that come to them. The welfare of your dog is the most important thing.

Graham is a Registered Canine Hydro Therapist, he trained at the world renowned Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Training Centre in Warwickshire during 2011. Julie will be completing her training during 2012.

Graham Cooper at work

for more information go to www.splashpaws.co.uk