Whats a life ‘worth’?

ok guys rather than write a looooooooong update on my beautiful girl Holly i made my first movie!  I’ve uploaded it to youtube and you can view it there 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2I6JiPVrPE enjoy.. and remember this is my first attempt at making a movie!

Holly is Safe!

I was put in touch with a wonderful man called Steve Wylie who runs a small rescue called S.H.A.K.  (Safe Homes And Kindness) in Northumberland.  His name and number were given to me by another Dog Listener Margaret Kindlen and I can’t thank both of them enough!  Holly will be given a safe place to stay […]

Desperate Dogs looking for ‘Forever’ homes

Holly Holly is a beautiful 18month old British Mastiff.  She is big, bouncy and playful.  She was picked up by the dog wardens in Wales and was then put into a foster home with 3 Staffordshire Bull Terriers from which she was sadly returned.  There was an ‘incident’ with one of the Staffies,  circumstances unknown,  […]

Why Electric Shock Collars Must GO!

This is an article i found taken from a House of Commons debate in 2003 which i feel outlines some important points and gives valuable information on these so called ‘training aids’ please follow the link for the article –  www.libdems.org.uk/parliament/feature.html?id=4627

Welcome to ‘The Blog’

Hi everyone! This blog is to be a collaboration. A page where my families thoughts and experiences of Dog Listening can be posted for all to see. Not just from the humans … oh no … from the canines and felines living here and the ones ‘passing through’ too! Enjoy stories and pictures from dogs […]

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